Jun-10 Olive grove block D planted

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Jul-10 Native tree planting completed
Sep-08 Purchase / Site location

Feb-10 OFF-creek dam under construction

Mar-10 Access road & farm tracksconstruction

Project: Management, design and development of 82 acre rural block.

Status: Infrstructure 80%, Cropping 50%, Homestead in planning

Subcontracts: Tognella Excavations, FarmWorx, G.C.Gibbs













Apr-10 Jetties under construction

Lot 42 Caves Rd Margaret River

Sep-08 Severely degraded creek after years of deer farming
Jun-09 On-creek dam completed
Aug-10 On-creek dam after development of revegetation
Sep-10 Windmill and irrigation system completed
Sep-10 Vineyard blocks A,B,C planted
Oct-10 Irrigation control shed under construction
Oct-10 Lighting and security infrastructure under construction


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Oct-10 Homestead on the drawing board
2011 Planned blue gum harvest to make way for block E olives